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A Digital Products Designer

Currently living in Bangalore.

The very curiosity to learn and create new things is what that lead me to choose the kind of work that I am doing now. Creating static layouts and breathing life into it with HTML had caught my attention, during my multimedia education. I used to spend many hours learning and practising to create websites, and that’s where it all began. Fortunately with few good freelance projects I was able to apply my knowledge to work. I am happy that even after seven years, I enjoy doing it - learning new things and applying that in my work.

Later I joined QBurst as a full time designer, where I worked on multitudes of projects varying from websites to iPhone applications, email newsletters to print graphics. Luckily was able to work on projects for clients like National Geographic, Rosetta Stone, Network Solutions, Medical Animatics and many more.

All of these requiring me to work closely with the clients. Starting from the earliest phase of collecting requirements, understanding the business goals or target users to defining interaction, typography, colors etc. Ultimately to create user intuitive, simple and aethetically pleasing interfaces for clients across the globe.

In the mean time I had cleared the CUA certification from HFI.

Right now I am focusing on designing digital products with better user experience for web and mobile applications across different platforms and multiple resolutions. Trying to learn some Xcode to get closer with iPhone app design ecosystem and kicking some side projects too.

I am open to work with passionate people on ambitious projects. If you would like to discuss about your next big project or just want to say hello don't hesitate to
get in touch with me.

Thanks for stopping by to read my story.

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